Monday, 28 September 2015

lomography 003

these were taken with the fisheye 2, and it's definitely a camera that needs some getting used to - i got 10 duds from this roll of film buuuut there's a few shots that will look brilliant with a bit of editing (wanted to show u guys the untouched versions tho)

 some notes: the flash doesn't work for anything further than arm's length, the lens cap will always fall off and half the photos will turn out off-centre (just accept it), don't bother with multiple exposures if you want a shot to come out really well, and long exposures at night need to be a lot longer than whatever time scale i chose. but overall, not bad at at all i think

Monday, 21 September 2015

estee lauder more like estee applaud her

there's a new lipstick in town & i love it & i'm gonna tell u all about it so fasten ur seatbelts cause i'm about to go full beauty blogger

PROS: is a fucking beautiful red-toned brown shade (brown doesn't sound like the kinda colour you want on ur lips but trust me u do)
doesn't do the weird thing that lots of lipsticks do where they start collecting into lil bits on the inside of your lip after a few hours which ain't too hot tbh
rly pigmented, not sticky, matte but not drying & stays on for the whole day
pretty much the perfect formula tbh

CONS: is endorsed by kendall jenner who is one of those people that i should know who they are but i don't and that makes me feel out of touch and old
literally looks like a black rectangle and when i look at designer makeup i want to be a little bit turned on by it and i do not get aroused by black rectangles sorry
the shade name makes no sense and raises so many questions like how can you be nude to the extreme?? can i be nude to the extreme?? i need details estee get ur shit together

also soz for being even less active than usual on this but i've just moved in to uni and i need 2 party hope u understand xoxo

Thursday, 10 September 2015

turns out men's accessories are rly cute

necklace // £4
earrings // £1.50

 i always have the problem of finding lovely jewellery but it's always fucking gold and i'm a silver gal through and through so new jewellery additions are rare. found these in the men's sale section of asos, weird huh

Friday, 4 September 2015


base: bourjois healthy mix serum foundation, mac mineralize concealer, bareminerals eyeshadow in center stage
eyes: bareminerals eyeshadow in center stage, maybelline eye studio lasting drama gel eyeliner
lips: collection lipstick in scorned, makeup revolution lipstick in depraved

turns out purple eyeshadow works as a contour, who knew? also loooove this lipstick combo, though i don't 100% recognise myself with no mascara and thin brows (look @ them, they're so small!!)

*i don't fuckin know what a boysenberry is either