Tuesday, 15 March 2016

do you want to look like your face is not your face

right so we're all bored to death with people telling us how to contour or whatever and it's all cool when you strategically slap on a bit of brown powder in an effort to look "natural" but what about when you want to go big or go home?? well fear not friends bc i have found these pigmented af creams to make your dream of having a completely different bone structure a reality ur welcome

i haven't seen any other matte white highlighting creams and i was buzzin out my tits to try this one, i use a sponge to apply it to all the places that michelle phan et al. told me to and wowzers it does the job like my face looks so much more 3D than it actually is if that makes sense?? same goes for the contour shade, like next time yer in topshop get these instead of an overpriced pair of earrings they're well good