Thursday, 3 December 2015

pink parcel // november 2015

pink parcel // first box for £7.95

aight so i think we can all agree that most beauty boxes are a let down unless ya spend £35 on cohorted, but even then there's a big ol chance of getting something from a hella expensive brand that u still don't like. and personally i have enough disappointments in my life without adding to them and losing $$$ in the process

so u must be thinking wow why the hell did this fool subscribe to another one is she ok?? short answer no but i found a discount code to get a few boxes for £6 each and this brand has a rad concept that i can totally get behind - they send u feminine hygiene stuff (you can time it so it arrives right before ur vag starts doing its thing) and some nice lil extras so that being on your period is less of a shit time.

didn't realise quite how much stuff they send u tho, like i'm swimming in tampons

but the "nice lil extras" are actually so impressive, there's a hand cream, chocolate, brow palette, eyeliner, tea, nail polishes (IN SHADES I'LL ACTUALLY WEAR THANK GOD), sachet of body moisturiser and a soothing balm for headaches. nice thing is that they don't include the RRP of everything so it doesn't seem like they're rubbing it in your face how good value they are but i googled those nail polishes & they're hella expensive so good job
there's also a box marked "for down there" (cause apparently even a tampon box is too embarrassed to use the word vulva) which has some sort of fancy pH balancing serum typa thing idk i haven't had a proper look at it yet which in hindsight i probably should've done before writing this but then again we wouldn't want anyone getting the impression that this is a high quality blog would we hm

Thursday, 26 November 2015

lomography 004


shot with a lomo lc-a that's got a bit of a back story to it: my babushka brought it over from russia as a gift earlier this year and i was all like omg i'm gonna document my summer on this an it's gonna be cute af
so i took it to t in the park, my bag got stolen in the middle of the night, i cried for hours and went home and 3 weeks later the police found the bag with everything safe nd sound in it (apart from my money obvs but i only had £15 so who cares). this camera has had a more exciting life than me how sad is that

Saturday, 14 November 2015

new age

 base: bourjois healthy mix serum foundation, mac mineralize concealer, stila angel light whitening powder foundation, clinique chubby stick sculpting contour, nyx blush in taupe
eyes: maybelline eye studio lasting drama gel eyeliner, kiko glamorous eye pencil in 415
lips: kiko glamorous eye pencil in 415, collection lipstick in scorned

it's a lot easier to stick on a pair of falsies than it is to draw them on with eyeliner let me tell u

usually i stick to yer standard "pretty" makeup, but every so often i like looking a bit weird (though gotta say i did feel kinda naked without any hair framing my face)

Thursday, 5 November 2015

do u want a clinique lipstick for £2 of course u do

with the december issue of glamour. got mine in the shade nude pop, there's also a red one i think?? if u want details u could probably find them on a better blog than this lmao
also apparently tanya burr is "queen of everything" now like wow congrats that's quite the title glamour r u sure about that like what about the actual queen. what does she get to be queen of then. tanya's stolen the commonwealth #uhearditherefirst
nice lipstick tho i'm not complaining

Sunday, 1 November 2015

so soap and glory attempted skincare

not impressed, let's start w/ that.

the cleanser ain't the hottest thing out there, i bought it as a replacement for cleansing oil and it just doesn't remove makeup as well so i gotta throw a micellair water into the mix. works gr8 as a morning cleanser though, it says it's a 4-in-1 but i wouldn't read too much into that cause one of the claims is "energizes" and like honestly wtf does that even mean
smells a bit funky too

the exfoliator hasn't got huge chunks of shit in it à la st ives but instead is way more gentle and leaves your skin soo smooth and soft. also it contains salicylic acid which as we all know is really good for some reason BUT my skin just doesn't agree with something in this & made my skin break out hella bad. if your skin isn't an overly sensitive whiny asshole like mine is you might like this (but i'd have half of lush's skincare range on standby just in case)

Sunday, 25 October 2015

best a/w lip combo ever not even kidding

mac verve lipstick // £15.50


specs: verve is as close as u can get to having a vampy nude without it being an oxymoron. nightmoth is just dark af
best thing is we all know what mac lipsticks are like so i don't even need to describe the formula

natasha out

Thursday, 15 October 2015


base: garnier miracle skin perfector bb cream, mac mineralize concealer, stila eyeshadow in ebony
eyesmaybelline eye studio lasting drama gel eyeliner, laura mercier long lash mascara
lipsmaybelline eye studio lasting drama gel eyeliner, mac mineralize concealer

literally just wanted to see what i would look like with extreme contouring. it's not showing up 100% but trust me the sides of my face were dark af & i'm already missing having any sort of cheekbone definition (the blending isn't perfect but i ran out of clean brushes sry bout it)

Friday, 9 October 2015

lil uni room tour just 4 the banter

look how cute my room is tho!!! so proud ♡♡♡
i'd show you my storage and ensuite but let's be real they ain't that photogenic and there's one too many bottles of vodka lying around for it not to be embarrassing - but let's gloss over that and turn our attention to how that last photo is the view from my window, NOT BAD AT ALL HUH (yes that's a castle)

few other things of note: i downsized my makeup collection so the majority of it can now fit in four muji drawers & i love it so much, i feel like i'm actually appreciating and using every single product i own u feel?? also turned the corkboard behind my desk into a makeshift necklace hanger using drawing pins (talk about using ur initiative)
although i have around twice the storage space i had at home there's still nowhere to put my keyboard so it's just sitting at the bottom of my bed. gotta keep it casual yknow

and no i don't actually keep my cacti in direct sunlight if u were worried, just put them there 4 the #aesthetic

Saturday, 3 October 2015

i really shouldn't be allowed to have a student loan

i got fresher's flu and felt really sorry for myself so i bought lots of shit with money i don't have and now i'm probs gonna be living off plain rice for the next month. but that's what the university experience is about so it's all good #pray4me

got a big ol pile of stuff from topshop bc everything this season is class, also the sales were v kind to me & i got some flared jeans FOR A FIVER (apparently the '70s are in?? i didn't get the memo) and a perfume from library of fragrance that was on clearance for £3. it's supposed to smell like snow but i can't tell cause my nose is still blocked so that's cool

also went a lil overboard on asos ooopps - the '90s silver bodycon dress & the heels are 100% gonna be my 18th birthday outfit so it's all completely justified and i regret nothing

tbh i couldn't find a way to subtly add links to everything that's still available without making the whole post into one big list so i'm just gonna do that here hope that's ok

Monday, 28 September 2015

lomography 003

these were taken with the fisheye 2, and it's definitely a camera that needs some getting used to - i got 10 duds from this roll of film buuuut there's a few shots that will look brilliant with a bit of editing (wanted to show u guys the untouched versions tho)

 some notes: the flash doesn't work for anything further than arm's length, the lens cap will always fall off and half the photos will turn out off-centre (just accept it), don't bother with multiple exposures if you want a shot to come out really well, and long exposures at night need to be a lot longer than whatever time scale i chose. but overall, not bad at at all i think