Friday, 9 October 2015

lil uni room tour just 4 the banter

look how cute my room is tho!!! so proud ♡♡♡
i'd show you my storage and ensuite but let's be real they ain't that photogenic and there's one too many bottles of vodka lying around for it not to be embarrassing - but let's gloss over that and turn our attention to how that last photo is the view from my window, NOT BAD AT ALL HUH (yes that's a castle)

few other things of note: i downsized my makeup collection so the majority of it can now fit in four muji drawers & i love it so much, i feel like i'm actually appreciating and using every single product i own u feel?? also turned the corkboard behind my desk into a makeshift necklace hanger using drawing pins (talk about using ur initiative)
although i have around twice the storage space i had at home there's still nowhere to put my keyboard so it's just sitting at the bottom of my bed. gotta keep it casual yknow

and no i don't actually keep my cacti in direct sunlight if u were worried, just put them there 4 the #aesthetic


  1. That view is incredible! You lucky thing.

    Rachel |

  2. such a nice view! (and the penguin is friggin cute!!)


  3. looks so damn well organised! :D

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. Wowww I love your room! That tapestry is nice. I like how it's a simple color scheme so it could match with any decor. I also really like the collage of posters and that corner by your window with the cactuses. Too cute.

    Peace & Love // Celestralite

  5. What an amazing view! I would so love to wake up to that every morning :) Your room looks really good, I like your tiny cactus!

  6. Damn, lady! Your photography is downright amazing. I'm so jealous of your cute lil uni suite!

    Mara ||

  7. I love your photos and your room is amazing omg!

    Laurie-Elle xx