Thursday, 3 December 2015

pink parcel // november 2015

pink parcel // first box for £7.95

aight so i think we can all agree that most beauty boxes are a let down unless ya spend £35 on cohorted, but even then there's a big ol chance of getting something from a hella expensive brand that u still don't like. and personally i have enough disappointments in my life without adding to them and losing $$$ in the process

so u must be thinking wow why the hell did this fool subscribe to another one is she ok?? short answer no but i found a discount code to get a few boxes for £6 each and this brand has a rad concept that i can totally get behind - they send u feminine hygiene stuff (you can time it so it arrives right before ur vag starts doing its thing) and some nice lil extras so that being on your period is less of a shit time.

didn't realise quite how much stuff they send u tho, like i'm swimming in tampons

but the "nice lil extras" are actually so impressive, there's a hand cream, chocolate, brow palette, eyeliner, tea, nail polishes (IN SHADES I'LL ACTUALLY WEAR THANK GOD), sachet of body moisturiser and a soothing balm for headaches. nice thing is that they don't include the RRP of everything so it doesn't seem like they're rubbing it in your face how good value they are but i googled those nail polishes & they're hella expensive so good job
there's also a box marked "for down there" (cause apparently even a tampon box is too embarrassed to use the word vulva) which has some sort of fancy pH balancing serum typa thing idk i haven't had a proper look at it yet which in hindsight i probably should've done before writing this but then again we wouldn't want anyone getting the impression that this is a high quality blog would we hm


  1. haha i always end up getting nail varnishes i would never wear in subscription boxes...these are actually nice! :D
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  2. Impressive the products seems nice, and I love the box design cute.

  3. Like the concept of this box, I've ever tried subscription boxes mainly because I feel like it's too much commitment (?) even if I do get products I don't like I feel as if I'll be obliged to use it because I payed for that ish

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