Wednesday, 29 July 2015

'90s grunge chokers

(photo one) 1 // 2 // 3
(photo two) 4 // 5 // 6
(photo three) 7 // 8

all off ebay, and if you're paying more than 99p for any of this stuff in UO or whatever then you're doing it wrong.

seriously though, these are the only necklaces i ever wear and as such i've built up a little collection. favourites have to be the amethyst crystal (it doesn't come with a leather cord or anything but i'm cool with interchanging them) and the velvet one with chains and a moon symbol - it's handmade in the uk (and the seller threw in a free necklace chain, how cute), plus the only others i could find in this design were on etsy for ten quid, no thanks.

also check out this, this (on the top of my wishlist!!), this, this, this aaaand this if you're into what you see here.


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous! (And i totally agree, if you're spending ridiculous pennies on these in UO/anywhere else, it's a crime). I love ebay for things like this

    Fii | little miss fii

  2. You're right ! UO exaggerate their price.. This is why I only go there during the sales period ! These jewels are beautiful, it really reminds me the 90's :)

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  3. so cheap! they are super cute :)

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  4. ebay, i always forget, absolute BARGAINS x

  5. Cute chokers! I can't believe they're so cheap! I'll have to have a browse online :) xx

  6. Love these chokers, I got mine off ebay as well - so much cheaper! xo

    EmsAlice // Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  7. I'm so excited these are back in style. I'm gonna have to go looking through some old jewelry boxes now...

  8. they're so lovely! <3

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