Thursday, 28 January 2016

ya girl got inked

hi i paid some man to stab me multiple times with a needle. not the most fun i've ever had but gonna show y'all cause i've shown it (and therefore a lot of sideboob) to almost everyone i've met in real life so let's just widen that sphere of appreciation

artist is jason corbett, not gonna gush over how talented he is cause i think his skill is pretty evident honestly but wow


  1. that's beautiful, I just booked a new tattoo!
    Jess | ♥

  2. Wowowow the tattoo looks so cool 😯 Also nice sideboob btw ;)

    Yige -a blog

  3. So beautiful artiste did a good job, for years I've wanted a tattoo but I'm too scared to go and get it done, give me a little of your courage so scared of the needles. My younger sis actually got her first tattoo last week.

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  4. That's an interesting tattoo ! An orginal one !


  5. Hi Tatoo is looking awesome. Thanks for sharing. My new post on