Thursday, 7 April 2016

skincare overload

it's like 20 quid for all this shit!!! look how much shit there is!!! so much shit!!!
never heard of this brand of beauty box (they're called all boxed up if u cba clicking that link) anywhere before and tbh i forgot how i stumbled across it but most of their boxes are a bit crap except for this one like wow what a bargain

in it there's full sizes of a face wash, body cream, eye gel, hand cream, hot cloth cleanser (already tried it, v nice), moisturiser, serum and facial oil. could tell you the full names of everything but think of the EFFORT that would require ://///

ps me n mum took half of the stuff each bc i don't have enough skin to apply all of this on to and also i try to give the illusion that i am a good daughter

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  1. wow there's so much shit for £25, my online shopping senses are tingly

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