Tuesday, 23 June 2015

the capsule nail polish collection

at one point i think i owned over 300 nail polishes. now i have under 30.

the reasoning behind this is that i do my nails about once every two months, and i pretty much only ever reach for the same four colours - navy, burgundy, nude or black. so i chucked/sold/gave away almost everything in my excessive collection, and now that all that's left are the bare necessities.
note: that's a bit of a lie, this isn't my entire collection cause i have a few shades that i don't use very often or only use for my toes etc, but these are my faves & ones i'm likely to use more than once a year ok thnx

the nudes: butter london yummy mummy, essence hazelnut cream pie (let's not imagine what definition urban dictionary would come up with for that shade name), opi my vampire is buff (favourite) and l'oreal rose bagatelle. i also think i have a white nail polish floating about somewhere but don't hold me to that.

the metallics/glitters: opi lights of emerald city, opi happy anniversary, color club gold struck. i used to be such a huge fan of glitter nail polishes, but it was entirely how they looked in the bottle that drew me to them so i've cut down to just the one opi nail polish which i couldn't bear to part with - and look how beautiful it is.

there's three options for red nails - essie carry on, nails inc piccadilly circus (more of a raspberry pink but i love it anyway) and orly ruby. i have a very strong belief that the orly nail polish is without a doubt the best shade of red ever created, and it's like £2 here just sayin

the darks: sally hansen thinking of blue, nails inc motcomb street, sephora charcoal grey, orly liquid vinyl and essie power clutch.

there's also a few pastels in there bc i guess i have to lighten up sometimes, and the four that have made the cut are essie's bangle jangle, sally hansen green tea, opi steady as she rose and leighton denny babydoll. babydoll is my favourite of the lot, it's the perfect pastel pink for my skin tone (as pale as a jar of mayonnaise, if you were wondering) and - on the occasion that i acknowledge that i haven't painted my toenails in six months - is often the bottle i reach for to make my feet slightly more tolerable to look at.

for top and base coats (not pictured) i use the opi top coat and nails inc a&e base coat respectively. honestly i don't rate the opi top coat much, for the sole reason that it takes an age to dry which almost always results in smudged nails. when my bottle has finally run its course (which will probs be in approximately a decade) then i will be purchasing the sally hansen insta dri, which is one of the best affordable top coats i've come across.


  1. I really like nude nail polishes and the mint one looks great too! :)
    xx Sab


  2. All of these polishes are gorgeous! I have a similar taste in colors - I'm always in nudes or red. xx


  3. Great post! I love all these colors, they are so beautiful! :D


  4. nudes and black nail polish are LIFE. but you should try inglot's matte top coat, its about sgd20, which is about 10 pounds i think? it dries fast and is amaaaaazing

  5. What a beautiful varnish liked the colors :)

    *XoXo www.helenaprimeira.blogspot.pt

  6. I'm just the same when it comes to nail polishes, it's more like I'm collecting them instead of actually using them..
    I should probably find a better use for all the ones I don't need too.
    I love the red and pastel shades though! I'm glad you've kept them :)


  7. I also have quite a lot of nudes/muted tones in my collection but then it's always good to have the stand out polishes like a bright red and a black.


  8. I'm similar with my nail polish. I used to own quite a few and I've narrowed it down to about 15 right now. I always have my nails painted but in the same few shades and I love not having too many to choose from :)


  9. great polishes and I'm the same, I usually go for the same ones over and over again :p

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  10. I'm always threatening to reduce my collection, but never do! You might just have inspired me....


  11. I love the polishes in your collection! I also only reach out for the ame ones!

    Sarah | sarahanne14.blogspot.com

  12. I have a huge collection of polishes and I need to cut them down a little but this post might just make me do it :)

    Pams Stuff and Things

  13. Nail polishes are actually one beauty product I don't over splurge on, but this is such a good way to cut down your collection if you've got too many x

    Beauty with charm

  14. Love the collection, you have a great collection!

    Anika | www.anikamay.co.uk

  15. Wow!

    Great post!

    You have an amazing blog with very nice pics!

    I follow you on GFC and bloglovin, maybe you follow me back? ;o)

    Have a nice evening!

    xoxo Jacqueline

  16. Oh, I love nude polish even though I don't use them often. They are the 'your nails but better' kind of look! Haha <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

  17. The Essie Carry On is stunning, I've never heard anyone talk about it :) and you might be right about the red Orly one heh.
    You have a lovely blog, I can't wait to read your future posts! New follower. x


  18. I laughed way too hard at the nude Essence name! The OPI shade in the third picture is amazing, I'm obsessed with those kinds of shades right now. Definitely looking forward to reading more of your posts too!

    Rebecca | WALLFLOWER

  19. Love these colors!!! My nail collection is getting quite big, I need to start trimming mine down too! Especially the ones that are years old!!!

    xoxo Emily

  20. Such a great selection of pretty shades. I really like subtle shades as opposed to neons and stuff like that lol.


  21. Love the nude nail Polish<3 thanks for sharing
    follow for follow?:)


  22. Loving the OPI and Butter London nude shades. so pretty xx


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  24. Eeeek, I have over 300! I do mine usually twice weekly, though (that's my excuse anyway!)

    I've just done a post on my nail routine, if you're interested :)


  25. woow! i'm crazy about nudes nowadays! love them <3

  26. You have the most beautiful photos.
    I have about 80 polishes at the moment, but I too used to have over 300.... Okay, 80 is a lie, I forgot about my nail art polishes, but I do not count them. if I did, those numbers would be 280, and then 500+ O_O
    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  27. Love it :)

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  29. more than anything i'm in love with your photography style! it's on point!


  30. What an awesome idea...I've seen capsule wardrobes, but I love applying that to nail polish! I'm the same way, I usually only reach for the same few colors! Love your writing :)


  31. Lovely polish collection, perfect shades for summer!

    I have a new post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  32. I genuinely think that essence is one of my favourite nail polish brands out there yet it is so much cheaper than a lot of others. I love your photos x

    FloralsAndCoralsx // Our Blog

  33. Gorgeous collection and stunning photography hun :) x

    The Belle Narrative

  34. love the nudes and the red ones
    great shots my dear

  35. love the nudes and the red ones
    great shots my dear

  36. lovely shades

    Great Post. Lovely Blog. Really loving your blog.
    Keep in touch

  37. I love these nail polishes & love the idea of cutting down on the amount you own to focus on the ones that you wear!

    http://alicegibbs.blogspot.co.uk x

  38. i like the idea of a capsule nail polish collection. beautiful blog btw, lovely pictures and a nice clean design :)

  39. love the nudes!!!FAVSSS
    your blog rocks!!

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