Saturday, 29 August 2015

i bought a year's worth of shampoo bc i'm a mess with no self control

but everything was really cheap so does it count? it doesn't count

quick run-down of the lot: australian organics shampoo for dry damaged hair, bourjois contour clubbing eyeliner in black, clynol kera rebuild renew fortifying shampoo, life nk daily fix facial moisturiser, life nk float away body wash, life nk jump start body wash, naked brunette radiance shampoo, naked silky smooth straight shampoo.

i get a bit over-excited whenever i find shower gel or shampoo that is sulphate free* so ofc i had to get one of everything but i guess that's my fault for going on fragrance direct in the first place, i mean it was never going to end with me being any richer now was it

also got a new black pencil eyeliner cause i go through em at lightning speed, also this one is suuuper pigmented as well as waterproof (which is useful cause i'll cry at anything), and a moisturiser cause it was reduced from £20 to £3.50 and i'm really good at justifying things to myself.

now i have to explain to my dad why it's really important that he carries all of these bottles to my uni room, yikes

*the clynol shampoo actually does contain sls but then also has words like "rebuild" and "fortifying" and if anyone's hair needs fortification it's mine


  1. So many shampoos, I usually buy one at a time haha :)

  2. The Naked ones are discontinued :'( such good shampoos though!x

  3. The title of this made me laugh because I think it's exactly what I would do if i was an adult


  4. This blog post title made me laugh so much, finally someone that's not ashamed to share their bad speeding habits hahaha! x x x

  5. Wow! Thats a lot indeed... Havent tried any of those though...

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  6. I get excited when I find sulfate-free shampoo too! I really like some of the Naked range, it sounds like you've picked up some lovely products :) xx


  7. This title was perfect~!

  8. Haha this is so funny! I should really start stocking up on beauty products to save money, buy my student flat is so small there's not much room to store things! XX

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  9. hahah so true, happens to me with makeup (lipsticks)!


    Btw, just created fb and twitter accounts for my blog! A simple like/follow means a lot!